Winton Library offers recommendations for books from "s***hole countries"

Jan 30, 2018

Credit Winton Library facebook

The Winton Road Library in Rochester has a display up recommending books in a more provocative way than most would expect from a library. 

The display from afar looks average, books lined on top of a bookcase all based on a theme next to a sign in a plastic stand. But this sign reads "Writers from s***hole countries."

That term of course is in reference to comments reportedly made by President Trump, who reportedly asked why so many immigrants were coming from these so called “s***hole countries.” 

Sally Snow is the Assistant Director for the Monroe County Library System said the librarians at the branch got the idea from a bookstore in New York City that had a similar display and had gone viral on social media.

She said they stand behind the sign and that it’s an attention grabbing way to promote these authors.

"Trying to turn that negative comment into a positive one. Just commenting on how these countries do have very rich cultural lives."

She says the display is not meant to be political, and that the libraries aim to represent all sides and keep displays fresh based on current events.

In fact, she says libraries are the "last democratic institution."

"Anybody can walk in the door, you don’t have to pay anything, we have something for everybody."

Snow says this move is definitely more edgy than what people are used to seeing, but it’s getting them some attention. She says the library isn’t often noticed because they are “kind of quiet."