Wilt calls on Democratic Party to be more inclusive

Jun 27, 2018

Activist Robin Wilt earned 17 percent of the vote in Tuesday night’s primary–a fourth place finish, just a few votes behind Adam McFadden. The Brighton Town Board member says she’s disappointed with the results, but her campaign was a success.

“I think our messaging resonated with people. I think it’s borne out by the fact that every single candidate in this race adopted the messaging that we have always had.”

Wilt ran on a progressive platform, with single-payer healthcare a central piece of her platform. She says she plans to lobby the winner of the 25th Congressional district seat on that issue. She also says she would like the Democratic Party to be more inclusive.   

“I would like to see a Democratic Party that actually valued the contributions of all its members. Too often, we say that inclusion and diversity is important to us, but it’s not reflected in our leadership and our institutions.”

In her concession speech, Wilt told her supporters that conceding the race was a difficult moment, but that this race was not the end.  As the party wrapped up, she took a moment to reflect on her campaign.

“Everybody discounted us, from the moment that we announced this race, but I think we turned a lot of heads."