Wilmorite weighing options after Pittsford Village board passes moratorium

Nov 15, 2017

Officials at Wilmorite say they are going to rethink their options now that the Pittsford Village Board has unanimously approved a 12 to 18 month moratorium on major construction in the village.

Wimorite had planned to purchase property from a local farmer and develop the area at 25 Schoen Place.

That's on hold now, as the village works on updating its village code and comprehensive plan.

Senior Vice President for Wilmorite, Dennis Wilmot, says the initial moratorium draft specifically focused on the area in the village which included that parcel Wilmorite wants to develop.

"The potential exists that the new strategic plan will in fact preclude some of the uses we have proposed for this parcel," he said.

Mayor of the Village of Pittsford, Robert Corby, maintains the pause is to allow the village to update its code and strategic plan, and there is no agenda from the board to stop the Wilmorite project.

Area around 25 Schoen Place in Pittsford
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"Trustees spoke out last night, saying the village board supports development of the site.  If anything, this will just ensure that the development that occurs there and elsewhere in the village, is compatible, walkable, and is an asset," he said.

Developer Dennis Wilmot says with the moratorium in place, there will be no purchase of the property from the Powers family in Pittsford as originally planned. 

He says they're looking at several options going forward.

"Whether that's abandoning the project altogether, reviewing our options we feel we are entitled legally, or hopefully getting another opportunity to discuss this project with the village," he said.