Wilmorite seeks to bring Tesla to region

Oct 22, 2018

Credit tesla.com

Wilmorite is making an effort to bring Tesla to Rochester.

With Sears closing its two Rochester mall locations, Wilmorite wants to turn the Eastview Mall Sears store into a Tesla service center — and eventually, a dealership.

Dennis Wilmot, appearing Monday on “Connections with Evan Dawson,” said Wilmorite has been in discussions with Tesla. But the law is tricky, Wilmot said, and Tesla can’t open any dealerships here right now.

“There are some legal hurdles they still need to work through in order to open stores in upstate New York,” he said.

When asked if Tesla could start with a service center, with an eye on opening a dealership in the future if the law changes, Wilmot said, “It’s not out of the realm of possibility, yes.”

But if that were to happen, Wilmot said he didn’t think it’d be for another year.

Wilmot was careful not to make any promises, and he said lawmakers will have a say.

“Call your local legislator and ask him,” he said.

Still, he said he’s optimistic.

“We love Tesla and we hope they come to Eastview,” he said.