Wegmans tops list of companies ranked on corporate reputation

Mar 6, 2019

Wegmans tops the list of companies with the best corporate reputations.

A new Harris Poll study for corporate reputation has Wegmans ranked #1 among the 100 most visible companies.

The Harris Poll study measures factors like character (attributes like corporate culture and citizenship), affinity (trust) and business trajectory. 

Wegmans was also ranked #1 in the same poll in 2015. The company was ranked #2 in the previous two years. Amazon ranked #2 in the latest study, and Patagonia ranked #3.

“Ours is a family company, where we all work together to demonstrate the shared values that are important to our customers, the communities we serve and to each of us,” Colleen Wegman, president & CEO said in a statement released on Wednesday.  “We celebrate our employees and thank them for the remarkable things they do every day to make a recognition like this possible.”

Customers and employees will celebrate the honor on Saturday, March 9, at 11 a.m. when cake will be served at every Wegmans store. For customers who prefer a healthy option instead of cake, clementine tangerines will be available.