Wegmans introduces adaptive shopping cart to help children with mobility issues

Jul 29, 2019

Liza Rudroff, a Wegmans customer in Buffalo with her daughter Sydney.
Credit www.wegmans.com

Wegmans is offering families who have young children with mobility restrictions a new way to help their kids shop with their parents or other adult relatives.

It’s a specially adapted shopping cart, called ‘Go to Shop,‘ that Wegmans is getting through a company called Firefly.

Linda Lovejoy is a community relations manager for Wegmans. She said this shopping cart is different from other carts that Wegmans already makes available for kids or adults with disabilities.

“The cart is made for children ages 2 to 8, or up to 77 pounds, who need more of that posture support, head support, and that snug fit, a safe, five point harness to keep them in the seat very securely,” Lovejoy explained.

Lovejoy said that Wegmans wants to provide an inclusive shopping experience.

“We want to provide a very accessible experience for everyone, whether they have a disability or not, and for those who have a disability to make sure they have the same experience as a person without a disability,” Lovejoy said.

Lovejoy said the new cart program came about as a result of interest shown by a Buffalo area woman, Liza Rudroff, who was trying to make it easier for her six year old daughter, who has a neurological disorder, to shop with her.

Here's a promotional video about the new cart produced by Wegmans:

GoTo Shop USA Promo - Wegmans from Firefly by Leckey on Vimeo.

This story was produced by WXXI’s Inclusion Desk, focusing on disabilities and inclusion.