WATCH: Election '16 According To ROC Talk Radio Listeners & Overturning The "Unholy Trinity" In ROC

Oct 13, 2016

Aside from social media there’s one place where you can really get inside the minds of voters this election season…the radio airwaves. On this edition of Need to Know, some of the big names in Rochester radio share the not-so-politically-correct desires, fears and thoughts of listeners in this year’s presidential election.

Also on the show, Martin Luther King Junior referred to them as the “Giant Triplets” and others have described them as the “Unholy Trinity.” We’ll learn why one of our nation’s most dynamic religious leaders is coming to Rochester to join our community in the fight against violence, poverty and racism.

And your perception of mental health conditions may be challenged through the work of a Seneca Falls painter. Don’t miss her inspiring story of confronting mental illness through art.