Voters remember Louise Slaughter as they hit the polls

Jun 26, 2018

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

Voters have been heading to the polls all afternoon for a number of local races.

Some constituents shared their thoughts on voting in general as well as this year’s big 25th district congressional democratic primary race, with many reflecting on the seats predecessor, Louise Slaughter.

Teresa Kennelly was at her polling place right after they opened at noon. She said she is disappointed in how few people participate in primary elections, and hopes the next person in this position can pick up where Louise left off.

"She didn’t forget why she was there and who put her there. And I think that was one of her great gifts and I hope the next person will continue that."

Kathy Kryger was at the polls early as well with her granddaughter Heron.

"I think it’s a good example for our three year old to see the process at this young age and then continue on with it."

She said she’s looking for honesty and dependability in the next congressperson.

Laine Williams also told us about what he looks for in a congressional representative.

"Somebody that wants to do work for us, and everybody. And when I say us I'm not talking about certain segments of the County I'm talking about everybody."

Whoever wins the primary will face Republican Jim Maxwell in November.