Voter turnout brisk for an 'off-year' election

Nov 5, 2019

Credit File photo

Voter turnout has been relatively brisk in Monroe County for an ‘off-year’ election (a non-presidential year).

As of 8pm, an hour before polls close, 35% of voters countywide had shown up at the polls.

That compares to 28% in 2015, and 31% in 2011.

The towns showed the heavier turnout, with 38% of voters having cast their ballots, and 27% turnout in the City of Rochester.

This is a year that features two high profile races, those for Monroe County Executive and District Attorney, as well as a number of city and town races, and contests involving local vacancies for County Court and State Supreme Court.

Rochester residents are also considering a measure that would call for the creation of a Police Accountability Board.