Volunteers needed for 2020 Special Olympics Winter Games in Rochester

Oct 16, 2019

Special Olympics New York is preparing for its Winter Games in Rochester February 21-22, 2020. The games officially opened Wednesday, because there's a need for around 1,500 volunteers to help out.

Robyn Armando, Special Olympics New York vice president for marketing and communications, says it’s the third time Rochester will host Special Olympics.

“They're (Rochester) just completely open to embracing us, embracing our community and literally helping to do whatever needs to be done to make the games a success,” she said.

Credit specialolympics-ny.org

Armando says people are needed not only to help out, but to cheer on the athletes as "fans in the stands" and to be social ambassadors during the games.

She adds there's a milestone to celebrate with the 2020.

“We will be celebrating Special Olympic New York's 50th anniversary in 2020,” Armando said. “So a big part of that will be at our state level games, and the winter games happening here in Rochester.”

You can register to volunteer at https://www.specialolympics-ny.org