Vermont Scraps Universal Health Care, NY Undeterred

Dec 18, 2014

Credit www.thinkprogress.org

New York’s biggest proponent of single-payer health care says he will not give up on his plan to bring universal coverage to the state despite an announcement Wednesday that Vermont will scrap a similar plan.

Assembly member Richard Gottfried told WXXI in a written statement Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin’s decision to abandon plans for Green Mountain Case system was a disappointment for that state.

Gottfried says that the move is NOT an argument against the New York Health Act which would create a publicly-funded health care system for all New Yorkers.

The Vermont Governor sited the cost of implementation-and the tax increases associated with such costs-as a reason to halt implementation of the plan.

Gottfried maintains that his plan for New York would lower the total cost of coverage in the state.