Ursula Burns of Xerox reportedly had been on a list of names of potential Clinton running mates

Oct 18, 2016

Credit Xerox Corp.

The leader of Xerox Corporation was apparently on the short list of names being compiled for  Hillary Clinton earlier this year when she was considering candidates for vice president.

Xerox Chairman & CEO Ursula Burns was on a list of more than 30 names on an email dated last March. It was revealed by WikiLeaks, which indicates the email came from campaign manager John Podesta and was described as “a first cut of people worth considering.”

Xerox declined comment when asked by WXXI News about the email.

Other business leaders on the email included Bill Gates of Microsoft and Tim Cook of Apple as well as a variety of politicians including former presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Tim Kain, the Virginia Senator who eventually was picked to be Clinton’s VP candidate.