UR report on sexual harassment complaint due out Thursday

Jan 9, 2018

There will be more information coming out this week about the next steps to be taken in the controversy generated by claims of sexual harassment at the University of Rochester.

A report from the investigator hired by the university to look into the allegations filed by several current or former graduate students and faculty will be out on Thursday, a day before the most recent deadline.

Former U.S. Attorney and Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White has led the investigation that was commissioned by the university after allegations by UR students and faculty who allege they were retaliated against when they complained about sexually abusive behavior by Professor Florian Jaeger.

Also this week, the faculty senate executive committee sent a letter to UR faculty that while it doesn’t know yet what will be in the report, they must be prepared to act if the university is to learn from what it calls “this painful chapter.” 

The letter from the faculty leaders says that they cannot rely only on senior officials at the university to do the work, saying that President Joel Seligman has, at this point, not implemented changes in policies that are necessary to reassure victims of harassment and sexual misconduct that they are safe. The letter  says that while Seligman has listened to proposals from the Faculty Senate and others, he has taken little action.

University spokeswoman Sara Miller released a statement which said, "We look forward to receiving the independent report when it is released. The University will comment at an appropriate time after we have had an opportunity to review the report’s findings and recommendations."