UR Faculty Senate censures professor Florian Jaeger

Feb 28, 2018

Credit University of Rochester

The University of Rochester Faculty Senate has passed two resolutions regarding professor Florian Jaeger and allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Members of the Senate censured Jaeger's behavior, saying that it resulted in "significant harm to students, the affected department and the broader University community." And that they "pledge to take a leadership role in ensure that the recommendations of the White report are implemented."

The senate also protested the search and sharing of faculty emails saying the university did this without "sufficient justification," it reflected "questionable judgment," and "was inconsistent with the guidelines for confidentiality" found in HR policy. They say these actions "damaged the faculty's trust in the administration." 

Steven Modica, Jaeger's lawyer released a statement responding to the resolutions. He says that the vote is an "alarming rush to judgement...based on emotion and rumor." He goes on to say that the "law allows employers to search emails on their systems" and regarding Jaegers conduct, Modica says that "Three separate investigations found Jaeger violated no University policy, rule or law." 

The University of Rochester had no comment on the issue.