UR awarded $19 million grant to coordinate a nationwide network of researchers

Jul 26, 2017

An award granted to the University of Rochester will help coordinate and connect researchers around the nation.

The $19 million federal grant comes from the National Institute of Health, and is for the Clinical and Translational Science Institute, which works to help biomedical scientists move their research forward.

The money will help fund a new networking initiative called the Center for Leading Innovation and Collaboration, or CLIC, at the university. It will help researchers communicate better within in the nationwide clinical and translational network.

When clinical and translational programs first started, they were largely independent. However, Co- Director of the Center Deborah Ossip hopes to create a network that spurs discoveries and collaborations between programs.

Credit urmc.rochester.edu

"Sharing these successes will prevent institutions from reinventing the wheel, enhance our ability to synergize and to work together as a network, and thus help us further speed the research process."

The program will hire 20 new personnel, who will help create platforms for researchers to share data, track successes, and develop collaborations. Ossip says it has the potential to help many people.

"We have a single site here with world class researchers. We have this replicated around the country. Imagine what we can do if we can connect these groups. Imagine what kinds of treatments, what kinds of preventive interventions we can get through the system more quickly."

The Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the University of Rochester has received $105 million in NIH funding to date.