Upkeep of Monroe County local bridges better than most of state

Oct 15, 2017

Credit osc.state.ny.us

Bridges owned by New York’s local governments need over $27 billion in repairs, according to a recent report released by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

But Monroe County isn’t in as bad a shape as other parts of the state.

Terrance Rice, Monroe County Director of Transportation says according to the report there are 10 bridges out of 170 in Monroe County that need repairs, but that also includes bridges run by local towns or the city of Rochester.

He noted a couple bridges that he knew could use some work.

"Bowerman Road I’m sure is close to being on that list if it isn’t on the list, and we are just finishing up a rehabilitation project there this year with federal money. As well as Coldwater Road, that is a replacement, the road is closed."

There are also plans to fix Park Road in Powder Mils Park set to start in 2019 with funding from the state.

Monroe County’s 10 bridges were listed as being "structurally deficient," with some other counties having as many as 30 or 40.

Rice explained what exactly that term means.

"Structurally deficient does not mean they are unsafe by any means. It just means that there are certain parts of the bridge that they rates as fair or poor condition, and need some work."

Rice says weight and load limits on bridges or exposed steel are good signs of a bridge needing to be worked on.

Upstate local bridges tend to be newer with an average age or 44 years.

In the I-90 Corridor, the average age for local bridges is 48 years.