U of R Researcher Receives Federal Fracking Grant

Oct 16, 2015

Credit WSKG

A University of Rochester Assistant Professor is using a $1.25-million dollar grant to study the health and economic impact on people living where hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, takes place.

Elaine Hill says her research will weigh the economic benefits versus the possible environmental impact that shale gas drilling can bring to a community.

"The goal is to add to this conversation about trade-offs and understand some of the potential consequences from the health perspective as well as trying to quantify some of these benefits."

Hill says there have been very few studies that examine the health, environmental and economic impacts of fracking on a community.

"It's a pretty exciting opportunity and certainly a timely and relevant one to be assessing this question as comprehensively as we can with the data that is available."

Hill's previous work focused on babies born to Pennsylvania women living near drilling sites.