TSA: Air travel up 4%,10 million more people expected to fly this summer

Jun 12, 2019

Credit WXXI photo

The Transportation Security Administration screened nearly a half-million people at Greater Rochester International Airport last summer. The Transportation Security Administration’s Lisa Farbstein said we’re likely to surpass that number this year.

“We’ve already set a new record for the highest number of passengers screened for a single day,” said Farbstein. “TSA experienced our busiest day ever on May 24th, which was the Friday before Memorial Day.”

Farbstein said the TSA expects to screen 4% or 10-million more people nationwide between Memorial Day and Labor Day. She said travel is up due to a strong economy and more flight options in more markets.

Flying is going to get a bit more cumbersome for some people next year.

New regulations will require travelers to have a REAL ID, a passport, or an enhanced license or non-driver ID card in order to board planes starting in October 2020. Lisa Farbstein said if you don’t update your ID, you can’t fly.

“The TSA knows a thing or two about lines and what people think about waiting, that’s why we’re encouraging people to get their REAL ID now,” said Farbstein. “When you apply for your REAL ID driver’s license, you have to bring certain documents with you that pretty much verify that you are who you say you are.”

In New York State, an enhanced licence will cost you about $30 more than typical Driver’s Licence fees.