Tremendous demand for stimulus funds, Rep. Reed says

Apr 28, 2020

As Congress works on a fourth phase of coronavirus relief, Republican Congressman Tom Reed said on Tuesday that there’s “tremendous” demand for recovery funds. 

Reed said that he sees direct assistance to most U.S. citizens and reopening the economy as crucial to this next round of legislation. 

Credit Congressman Tom Reed (R-Corning)

“The economic devastation, every day we are shut down, continues to go up exponentially,” he said.

He wants to ensure that funds for local municipalities do not go to state governments, he said.

“We have to make sure that whatever we secure for direct federal aid for local governments is protected from the state governors’ offices reaching in and reducing their traditional or established budgetary line,” he said on Tuesday.

Reed says that in phase three, Governor Andrew Cuomo reduced assistance to school districts and funds were sent to the Capitol instead.

He adds that state aid should be allocated specifically to COVID-19 related matters.

As for when the phase four legislation would be complete, Reed says that could be anywhere from mid-May to mid-June. 

The House has cancelled their May fourth session, but the Senate has not.