'Trash Blitz' event cleans up Inner Loop

Apr 22, 2019

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

In recognition of Earth Day, the New York State Department of Transportation participated in a statewide "Trash Blitz" to clean local roadway.

What’s left of the Inner Loop in Rochester was closed Monday morning for the cleanup.

Jordan Guerrein, public information officer with the state DOT, said it’s the second annual event. They hope it continues every year.

"Spend a day today here on Earth Day cleaning up this area,” Guerrein said. “Do some shoulder sweeping, picking up litter, doing some pothole patching, pavement repair, and really just beautify this entire area of the Inner Loop that’s still open right now."

DOT workers volunteered their time to pick up trash along the road way.

Last year, the blitz collected over 9,000 bags of garbage statewide.

Guerrein said after the snow thaws every year, the accumulated garbage is revealed. 

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

"We see it all too often, unfortunately,” he said. “We are left with picking it up. So between the state DOT, the city DES, our adopt-a-highway programs, community groups, it’s on us to clean it up." 

He encouraged motorists not to litter.

Guerrein said they picked the Inner Loop to clean because it’s one of the areas in Rochester with the most trash.