Transition team looks at diversifying Monroe County government

Nov 19, 2019

Monroe County government is getting ready for some big changes.

With Adam Bello, the first Democratic County Executive in about 30 years elected this month, there will obviously be changes in the top ranks of county government, since Bello will have the opportunity to put his own team in place.

On Tuesday, long time Monroe County Parks Director Larry Staub announced he will be retiring after December 17. Staub says with the new administration coming in, it’s a good time to step down and let the incoming county executive put his own person in that position.

And there are other top level county positions that Bello will need to fill next year.

Jerome Underwood, the CEO and President of Action for a Better Community is one of three co-chairs of Bello’s Transition Committee.

He expects that one of the goals of that committee is to bring more diversity to county government.

“Certainly from my perspective what is going to be recommended to the county-exec elect is not only a structure, but people who encompass all of Monroe County so that county government can be much more reflective of the people it serves,” Underwood said.

Underwood is hoping to help make sure that the new leadership in county government better reflects the community it serves.

“Our work in the committee is going to happen really, really quickly, but the opportunity that we’ve been afforded by the results of the election is to make transformative change in how the county government services its constituents,” Underwood explained.

Bello has said that, on January 1, he plans to hit the ground running, “and work to bring real change to county government, so that it works for every member of our community.”