Toward A Neurodiverse Workforce: Next on Innovation Friday

May 22, 2015

Zakarya Banks is 24 years old, looking for work in Rochester and lives with autism
Credit Sasha-Ann Simons/Innovation Trail

Between 60 – 70 percent of people living with autism in America are unemployed, And we’ll touch base with families who are working to support people with autism and look at local programs aimed at getting people on the spectrum into meaningful employment. We’ll also speak with a former director of the California State Labor Department, Michael Bernick about the Autism Job Club and six strategies that could reshape employment for adults with autism.  

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Coming up in the second hour of Innovation Friday, the future of Cyber Security, as seen by Jennifer Henley, the Director of Security Operations at Facebook, the site has nearly 1,.5 billion active users every month. 

Jennifer Henley speaking at RIT in April
Credit Veronica Volk/WXXI News

Henley recently gave a keynote address at RIT and has some practical tips for staying safe on the internet. Then we’ll check in on what a nationwide survey of people in the rental market can tell us about our cities and communities. The rental market is at a 20 year high, probably good for landlords, but do renters matter to cities? And what aspirations do this highly mobile segment of our population have?

Guests for the show:

Michael S. Bernick: co-author of The Autism Job Club

Anne Harvey: President of the Dazzle School

Zakarya Banks: Job Seeker

Veronica Volk, WXXI reporter

Jennifer Henley: Director of Security Operations at Facebook (pre-recorded)

Andrew Tam - VP of Data Science at Apartment List