Torrey Board to consider Greenidge cryptocurrency plan Monday

11 hours ago

Environmentally focused advocacy groups are opposing the expansion of a bitcoin mining operation along Seneca Lake just outside the town of Dresden.
Credit Vaughn Golden/WSKG


ENDWELL (WSKG) — The fate of Greenidge Generation’s plan to expand cryptocurrency mining operations at its power facility along Seneca Lake will be decided Monday by the town of Torrey Planning Board.

Environmental advocates have been pushing back against the proposal, which they allege will lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions by the plant and other detrimental impacts.

“It’s a decision that the town should really take seriously, and yet we are afraid that they are about to approve the site plan for this facility and once Pandora’s box is open, you will not be able to get the lid back on,” said Yvonne Taylor, vice president of Seneca Lake Guardian.

Greenidge converted the former coal plant to natural gas in 2017, and installed its first machinery to “mine" Bitcoin a year later using excess power generated at the facility. Now, they want to expand that operation, adding four outbuildings equipped with mining rigs.

Michael McKeon defended the plant, asserting that it’s within permits and regulations set by the DEC and EPA.

“It’s always going to be within the permitted limits,” McKeon said of the plant’s operations. “It’s always going to be in compliance with the environmental rules and regulations that we have to follow. And, it’s going to be done in a way that is protective of the lake at all times.”

Monday’s Planning Board meeting is set for 7 p.m. at the town offices at 56 Geneva St., Dresden.