Thousands Pack The Corn Hill Arts Festival

Jul 14, 2013

Credit Corn Hill Arts Festival

Thousands of Rochesterians enjoyed crafts, food and entertainment at the Corn Hill Festival over the weekend.

It seems that more often than not, this festival, which is one of the city's oldest, now in its 45th year, happens on a weekend where there is plenty of heat and humidity to go around. But that didn't seem to wilt the enthusiasm of either the people walking through the historic neighborhood, or the vendors, including Rhonda Sussman and her husband, who  make specially designed mittens for the bitterly cold weather...but what's it like to sell mittens on a hot, humid day ?

"It’s awesome, people know winter's coming,  they definitely know in this area it doesn't go away, so we sell year round. "

Monica Abdullah sells jewelry..She's from Massachusetts and she has been selling her wares at the Corn Hill Festival for several years. She says it's just a great event.

"I think the venue is very well supported,. the people come and they appreciate the arts and crafts here,  and the crafters that come are always top notch . "

It's estimated the festival attracted more than 200-thousand people over the weekend.