Survey open for upcoming discussion on energy and the environment

Feb 18, 2021

Credit www.ourcivicgenius.org

Congressman Joe Morelle will be taking part in a citizen panel on energy and the environment on Feb. 27, which is open to residents of the 25th Congressional District. Redsidents will need to complete a survey at this link to attend.

The event is a joint project of three nonpartisan organizations: Civic Genius, Voice of the People and the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation.

It’s part of a series that brings together constituents and their members of Congress after the residents weigh in on a survey about a public policy issue. Organizers say this initiative does not take positions on policy, but seeks to give citizens a more effective voice in the policymaking process.

Morelle, a Democrat from Irondequoit, will hear the survey results along with the participants on Feb. 27 and will talk with attendees at the online event to talk about police related to energy and the environment.

You can get more information about the event here.