SUNY Student leaders react to alleged hate crime in Geneseo

Nov 14, 2016


The president of the Student Assembly for the SUNY System along with the president of the SUNY Geneseo government  have issued a joint statement on hate speech.

It comes in the wake of  an incident that happened last Friday, where graffiti was discovered in a dorm including a swastika and the word  Trump.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered State Police, SUNY Police and the NY State Division of Human Rights  to look into the incident.

Marc Cohen heads up the statewide SUNY Student Assembly and he says state university students will continue to speak out against this kind of speech.

“We now as student leaders need to make our voices heard on issues of racial discrimination and anti-Semitism and bigotry now more than ever before.  A lot of the discussion we had at conference surrounded these issues and what we as student leaders can do to bring them to the forefront and to nip them in the bud so as to make our campuses safe, welcoming and inclusive environments for all.”

Cohen says the issue of discrimination and the need to stand together as student leaders was discussed at the annual fall conference of the SUNY student leaders which was held over the weekend.

Cohen and the SUNY Geneseo Student Government President, Michael Baranowski, encourage any student who needs it to avail themselves of counseling services provided on campus.