SUNY Brockport raises COVID-19 risk level as a 'proactive measure'

Oct 13, 2020

Credit brockport.edu

SUNY Brockport says it has raised its COVID-19 risk level from Green (New Normal) to Blue (Intermediate Alert). In a note on the college’s website, Brockport President Heidi Macpherson said it’s a proactive measure, noting that Brockport has just six active cases involving members of its community and none in the state’s 14-day measuring period that runs October 10-23.

But Macpherson also said the university is “becoming concerned about a rise in cases in Monroe County.” She said that when the fall semester began, Monroe County was considered “very low risk” for COVID-19, according to the SUNY Dashboard. Since then the county has increased two risk levels and is now at “moderate risk” for COVID-19.

Macpherson said that Brockport officials are also hearing increased reports of student travel, not only to other colleges and universities, but also out-of-state, despite the travel advisories and required quarantines for most states.

She noted that travel and large gatherings are the two primary ways that most campuses are seeing an increase in cases.