Student summit gathers opinions on future of Rochester high schools

Sep 29, 2017

More than 400 high school students in the city of Rochester had a half-day Friday. That's because they attended a student summit on high school redesign at the School of the Arts.

Deputy Superintendent Lawrence "Bo" Wright said this is part of the "Path Forward" initiative to transform the future of education in the district. 

Wright said it's important to get input from students.

"Quite simply, we want to know from them what they want as far as instructional programs; we want to know how we can best support their college and career opportunities. We want to know what they want classrooms to look and feel like."

The initiative is considering a broad range of issues including school choice, racial equity, and school culture and climate.

The summit was only open to students who volunteered to attend. The public at large was not invited, but Wright said there will be other opportunities in the next several months to get feedback from parents, students, and community members.

Findings will be presented to the Rochester school board in December.