Strong & Highland hospitals restrict visitation

Nov 24, 2020

Credit urmc.rochester.edu

Strong Memorial and Highland Hospitals are further restricting visitation because of the changes in state requirements with the recently designated orange zone for parts of Monroe County.

The hospitals are implementing what they are calling a ‘zero visitation policy', similar to what they had at the start of the pandemic in March.  That doesn’t mean a complete ban on all visitation; exceptions include pediatric patients, obstetrics, patients with cognitive issues and compassionate care for end of life.

For other patients, officials say they have plenty of iPads to help facilitate virtual visits.

In terms of the surging COVID-19 cases going on locally and around the country, Chief Medical Officer Michael Apostolakos says that there is the possibility elective surgeries could be curtailed again at some point in the near future.

“Every day we’re meeting to discuss that and if the admissions continue with COVID as they have for the last two weeks, I anticipate that in the next week or so we may have to curtail some of our elective surgeries.”  And Apostolakos says that postponing elective procedures is often not a good idea because those patients could become sicker later on, requiring more urgent care.

If the COVID-19 cases can be contained, hospital officials are hoping the restrictions on visitation can be eased in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

Rochester Regional Health has similar policies in place for its hospitals.