Stressing Motorcycle Safety After Two More Fatalities

Jul 12, 2016

Credit abatenymonroe.org

A motorcycle rights organization is urging people to ride defensively, after two more people were killed in a motorcycle accident on Monday.

Six people have died in five accidents so far this year. 

American Bikers Aimed Toward Education, or ABATE, is a motorcycle organization dedicated to protecting people's right to ride, and to promote safety through education and awareness.

Eric Carlston is president of Monroe County ABATE.

He says yesterday's crash may have involved the motorcycle speeding up to try to beat a light, but ended up hitting an SUV.

He says everyone needs to follow the rules of the road.

Yesterday's crash in Perinton killed two people
Credit TWC News

"It sounds although the bike, and that truck, were both trying to beat the light.  The bike was going straight, the truck was turning left.  And unfortunately two people are gone now," he said.

Carlston says speed may have been a factor in two earlier crashes this year, but it's important riders be mentally and physically prepared to ride, make sure their equipment is in proper working order, ride within the conditions and their skill level, and always obey the rules of the road.

For drivers, he wants to remind them that motorcyclists have all the same rights to the road as any other car or truck or vehicle.

And there's never an excuse for distracted driving for anyone.

"Always check over your shoulder before you change lanes. Always come to a complete stop and look both ways look both ways before pulling out, to make sure there is nobody coming.  Those are simple things that can make everybody safer on the road and literally save a motorcyclist's life," he said.

ABATE of Monroe County holds general membership meetings on the third Wednesday of the month.

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