Starbridge Opens to the Public

Sep 30, 2015

Credit starbridgeinc.org

An organization that helps people with disabilities and their families realize their goals has opened its doors to the public.

A ceremony was held this morning at Starbridge, located at the Al Sigl Community of Agencies.

The non-profit organization was formed with the merger of the Advocacy Center and LDA Life and Learning Services.

Its president and CEO, Colin Garwood, says they have a federal department of education grant to train parents on how to engage in the special education process and system, and how to be part of their child's education planning.

He says they also have services that help people explore college, or work possibilities, and they also offer community living, with residential support helping people manage their daily living.

"Ultimately it's about us listening to what each person is looking for, where they want to live, who they want to live with, how and when they want to receive services, and then we need to be responsive to that person. We call that self-directed services."

Garwood says the majority of their revenue comes from Medicaid and government grants, but private foundations and donors make a real difference in the self-directed services they offer.