Sodus Point Mayor: 'We're not going to flood this year'

Apr 6, 2018

Many residents in Sodus Point are still trying to recover from last year's devastating floods.

But Village Mayor Dave McDowell says there's good news from the International Joint Commission and the Army Corps of Engineers concerning the latest forecast.

"We're not going to flood this year.  So I think this year will be a good year with some reasonably high water but not dangerously high water, and people hopefully can get their projects done, both personally and publicly," he said.

McDowell says the forecast indicates the high water level at 246.3 inches, which is a foot below the old flood stage.

And lake levels are 10 inches lower than they were at this time last year. 

This was the scene in Sodus Point in 2017
Credit Veronica Volk

"We're 10 inches below where we were last year, we're two inches above the long term average.  So we're in fine shape and as long as we don't get inundated with lots of not predicted storms, then we shouldn't have any problems at all," he said.

McDowell says Wayne County Emergency Management and the National Weather Service were in discussions today, and

they don't foresee any rainfall that is even going to come close to what they had last year.

At this point, he says the village isn't putting any additional sandbags down.

But they're not taking away any of the sandbags that are up, either.