Soaring Valor Program shares the stories of WWII

Jul 25, 2018

Rochester area World War II veterans taking part in the Soaring Valor program
Credit Alex Crichton

29 Rochester-area World War II veterans boarded a plane Wednesday morning to New Orleans, where they will receive a hero's welcome, then visit the National World War II Museum to share their memories of the American experience of that war.

The trip is part of the Gary Sinise Foundation's Soaring Valor Program, in conjunction with American Airlines.

Bobby George with the Sinese Foundation says these local veterans of World War II will share their memories which will be archived at the museum, which tells the stories of the war that changed the world.

"Everyone who participates in this program is going to get an oral history that will be collected and kept at the WWII museum," he said. "They helped lay the foundation for younger generations and it's important that we keep their history alive."

Army veteran George Haines, who fought in the Pacific, was making the trip.

George Haines helped put together the local group of veterans and their guardians headed to the National World War II Museum

He helped organize the local contingent, veterans and their guardians, who are headed to New Orleans.

"We got today, tomorrow and we come home Friday, and I just want all of them to enjoy what Gary Sinise's outfit, the Foundation, is doing for them.  I just hope these fellas all enjoy themselves," he said.  "The best part of it is the guardians want to go because they want to see what Dad went through.  So they're all tickled pink and raring to go, too."

Haines has already shared his oral history of the war, and it's in the Library of Congress.

This is the third year for the Soaring Valor program.

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Veterans arriving Wednesday morning for their flight to New Orleans as part of the Soaring Valor program: