Slaughter Regains Lead Over Brooks

Nov 1, 2012

Credit Siena Research Institute

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-Fairport), has regained her double digit lead over challenger Maggie Brooks (R-Webster) according to the latest poll from Siena Research Institute.

The poll shows Slaughter has support from 52 percent of likely voters compared to 42 percent for Brooks. In the Voice of the Voter poll conducted by Siena Research Institute two weeks ago, Slaughter's lead was just five points. 

Credit Siena Research Institute

While support is still partisan for both candidates, the poll shows that Slaughter's support is increasing among Democrats, and Brooks's support is waning among Republicans. Slaughter has support from 86 percent of Democrats in the district, a 5-point increase from the last poll; Brooks has support from 74 percent of Republicans, a 4-point drop from the last poll. Brooks's lead among Independent voters has increased to 4-points.   

Pollster Steve Greenberg says the poll was conducted Monday and Tuesday -- during Hurricane Sandy.
And he says it remains to be seen if all the exposure Brooks received in the aftermath of that storm will make any difference.
He says there's still five or six days of campaigning to go, and campaigns clearly have an effect
on voters.

In the Presidential race, President Barack Obama maintains a 13-point lead over Mitt Romney in the district.