'Skimming' devices found at some area gas pumps

Dec 15, 2017

Credit www.bbb.org

Skimming devices have been discovered recently on some area gas pumps, and officials are trying to determine if the incidents are connected.

Most recently, Monroe County Sheriff’s Department spokesman John Helfer says the devices were found on pumps at a Kwik Fil gas station in Henrietta and the corner of West Henrietta and Jefferson Roads and another at a Sunoco Station on Plank Road in Penfield.

“The skimming device is used to collect data, specifically, the credit card number and that information so it can be used fraudulently,” Helfer told WXXI News.

He says you need to keep a watchful eye out when you use any of these point-of-sale machines.

“They’re difficult to spot, at times they’re inside the machine. I think the best advice we can give is that if the machine looks like it’s been tampered with, if the lock looks like it’s broken, or a seal is broken, you should report that and refrain from using it.”

Consumer agencies also say you should always carefully check your credit card and bank accounts regularly to spot unauthorized charges.

Earlier this week , the Ontario County Sheriff’s department arrested two men, 27 year old Carlos Cabrera-Quintero of Grand Island Nebraska and 25 year old Raciel Diaz-Diaz of Austin, Texas.  Both were charged with criminal possession of a forger device.

Ontario County deputies are working with police agencies in Monroe and Wayne Counties since they say the two men arrested may be connected to several other skimming devices in the region.