Silk O'Loughlin's reopening after high water goes down

Aug 21, 2019

Michael Mckeon stands outside Silk O'Loughlin's, setting up the patio for their first day open since closing their doors in May.
Credit Veronica Volk / WXXI News

A lakeside business is finally reopening after high water levels forced it to close.

Michael Mckeon is the owner of Silk O’Loughlin’s, right on the water in Irondequoit. He says he knew the high water levels were going to be a problem for his business back in March.

"Every day, just watching it come up, up, and up. Then it got to the point where it was unsafe because there were pipes all over the place, there was water in the men’s and ladies’ rooms, so I was worried about someone slipping and falling. Finally we just had to shut the doors."

A sign announces that the restaurant is open for business.
Credit Veronica Volk / WXXI News

They closed officially in May, but this week, they’re reopening. Mckeon says they’ve been working on making the restaurant more flood-resistant.

"We built a breakwall, put a concrete patio, put all new drainage in, we’re still working on a couple things, but hopefully if it happens next year, we’ll be ahead of it."

Even though it’s the end of summer, Mckeon says he’s hopeful the business can still bounce back for the end of the season, and beyond.

"People’s mentality around water is Memorial Day to Labor Day, and a lot of people go away and you don’t see them. But I’m open all year now."