Seneca White Deer, Inc. looking forward to publicity from national TV show

Dec 27, 2018

A vehicle carrying a videographer and a tour guide makes its way through the former Seneca Army Depot.
Credit Dennis Money / Seneca White Deer, Inc.

The white deer that are a popular feature of the former Seneca Army Depot in Romulus could be getting some national publicity very soon.

Officials with the non-profit organization that runs tours through parts of that property says that Carl Mrozek,  a videographer who has provided wildlife footage to the program CBS Sunday Morning for more than 20 years, recently stopped by to get some video of the white deer. And it’s anticipated the segment will air this coming Sunday.

Carl Patrick is vice president of the board of directors of Seneca White Deer. He says this wildlife video could give a boost to the entire region. 

“(It could provide) interest in not just the depot and Seneca White Deer, but of the whole area. The Finger Lakes is a great area for tourism, it’s gaining notoriety as a great wine area, there’s the history at the depot, all sorts of things like that, so this is great publicity for us,” Patrick told WXXI News.

Patrick says the tours through the property have been attracting a fair amount of interest.

“We’ve had enough people on the tours to prove the concept to show that people really like it; very positive feedback from TripAdvisor and Google ratings and things like that where we get the feedback.”

Patrick says the tours have drawn about 8,000 visitors over the last year.

If the video airs this coming Sunday, December 30th, it will likely air as part of the wildlife segment that usually ends each show. That would happen at about 10:26 on Sunday morning.