Search will resume Sunday for a missing 14-month old boy in Wayne County

May 25, 2018

Credit Wayne County Sheriff's Office

UPDATE: As of Saturday 4:00 p.m.:

Search crews looking for the missing 14 month old boy in Wayne County have ended efforts for the day. They will resume on Sunday. Saturday, there were 165 searchers from several agencies combing through a Joy Road Farm in Sodus. Efforts will continue on Sunday. Anyone who has information about the missing child, Owen Hidalgo-Calderon is asking to call 911.  


Authorities in Wayne County continue to search for a missing 14 month old boy whose mother’s body was discovered in some woods in Sodus  earlier this week.

18 year old Selena Hidalgo-Calderon was found dead, and her boyfriend, Alberto Reyes was charged with tampering with physical evidence by moving her body from the home the couple shared to the woods.

At this point, the cause of death is still under investigation and Reyes is not facing any other charges right now in what is being called a homicide.

Sheriff Barry Virts says more than 140 people including a lot of volunteers have been combing through a 350 acre farm looking for the toddler.

On Friday, Virts said again that  at this point, he believes this is a ‘recovery’ operation.

An AMBER alert was issued for the boy earlier Friday to make sure all possibilities are being looked into, but authorities say right now there is no evidence of an abduction.

And Virts says authorities are following up on a tip that Reyes had thrown away a cell phone.

“We  had information through our investigator interviews that Reyes discarded a phone out the window when he was being transported from this county by another driver to Attica.  In the area that we received the information that the phone was discarded out the window, we had a search party go out there this morning and we found a telephone."

Virts says authorities are in the process of obtaining a search warrant to determine if that phone did actually belong to Reyes, and if so, whether there’s any information on it that will be useful for the investigation.

Rebecca Fuentes is with the Workers' Center of Central New York, which supports and educates low wage workers on their right.

She thinks Hidalgo-Calderon's death could have been prevented.

“If you're a woman or an immigrant in the country, it’s difficult to get help sometimes, or there's a lot of fear because of immigration status. It's very difficult."

Fuentes says the system needs to be much better, and more needs to be done to support women, especially immigrant women.

She says Hidalgo-Calderon was from Guatemala and was seeking asylum.  The search for the 14 month old continues on Saturday.