Seagram's Escapes fuels growth at the Genesee Brewery

Jul 20, 2021

The Genesee Brewery in Rochester had a delivery on Tuesday….a really big delivery. It was one of eight new, huge tanks that can each hold 2,000 barrels of malt base used to make Seagram’s Escapes brand beverages. The malt beverage is now the company’s top selling product, outpacing beer in both volume and profitability.

Mary Beth Popp, spokesperson for FIFCO USA, Genesee’s parent company, said Seagram’s sales have helped fuel recent expansion at the local brewery.

“Overall, we’ve continued to invest over the last few years and we’ve added about 80 jobs over the last couple of years, so, as we invest in the business and sustain the brewery, jobs are definitely following as we grow,” Popp said.

The company said that Seagram’s Escapes saw record growth of nearly 35% last year, and the new expansion will help build capacity.

The Genesee Brewery will be taking delivery of the rest of the tanks over the next several days.

FIFCO USA is investing about $5 million in upgrades this year for its expanded line and another $13 million in coming years.