Schumer Calls On CSX To Clean Up Swampy Area In Charlotte

Jun 20, 2016

Credit Caitlin Whyte / WXXI News

With mosquito-borne illnesses in New York increasing, Senator Charles Schumer came to Rochester Monday afternoon to urge the rail freight company CSX to clean up a swampy area that has formed behind homes along their tracks in Charlotte.

Schumer said the buildup of branches and other debris in the area has caused the standing water.

"Over the years, branches, brush, parts of trees and other debris, have fallen in the gully at the base of the tracks, and that has allowed water to pond up. What happens when you have still water here in Rochester in the summer? You get the “M” word, mosquitoes."

Residents and homeowners have brought the issue to the City of Rochester, which  has agreed to conduct the necessary work that would remove the debris along the gully, as well as unclog a drain that has created the pooling water.

The problem is that without direct permission from CSX, they can’t gain access to the tracks, to begin work on these repairs. Schumer asked the company to work with the city to combat this problem.

"CSX, hear me loud and clear. Let Rochester on the property, so they can get rid of the mosquitos for this summer, clean up the place, so they won’t have to come back next summer," Schumer told reporters.

In a statement Monday afternoon, CSX says they work to limit the impact of their operations on these neighborhoods, and plan to work with the city of Rochester to try and resolve the situation.