RPD charges suspect in attack on officer

Oct 7, 2019

Rochester Police have now filed charges in connection with a knife attack on a city police officer last Friday.

The suspect is identified as 28 year old Keith Williams of Rochester, and he is facing charges of attempted aggravated murder and aggravated assault of a police officer.

The charges are the result of what police officials say was a vicious attack on Officer Denny Wright, in house on Peck Street last Friday. 

Wright was responding to a call of family trouble at that home, and police say that Williams is accused of punching the officer and then repeatedly stabbing him about the face, left eye and lower body, causing serious injuries.

Wright is still being treated at Rochester General Hospital. Authorities say that additional charges may be considered by a grand jury.

Meanwhile, Police Chief La'Ron Singletary on Monday said that he has implemented a policy of two officers per patrol car, saying that RPD has used that process in the past during critical incidents. He says his main concern is the overall well-being of his officers. Singletary says that two officers per car situation will continue until he makes a decision to change it.

When Officer Wright responded to the initial call last Friday, he was alone until other officers were called in to help. He was also assisted by two good Samaritans who were nearby and heard the commotion.