Rotary Club To Build Treehouse On Its Sunshine Campus

Jul 8, 2014

Local kids with physical challenges and other special needs will soon have the opportunity to see what it feels like to climb a tree.

"The doors that have opened up for us at the camp are just incredible," says Rotary President, Tracy Armstrong.

The Rochester Rotary is building a wheelchair accessible wooden treehouse at its Sunshine Campus in Rush.

The club house will be approximately 15 feet above ground. It features wide wheelchair accessible ramps, sensory equipment and an enclosed cabin.

Armstrong says this project offers kids with special needs the adventure, like many other children, of playing in a treehouse.

"They are free to be who they are. They feel good about themselves and ultimately that's what this experience is. It’s about feeling good about yourself. And getting ready for the rest of your life and feeling good and solid about who you are regardless of whether you have a challenge."

The treehouse is the first of its kind in the Finger Lakes region.

Construction is slated to begin in October. The grand opening is expected in July 2015.