Rochester works to restore the ARTWalk trail

Jul 14, 2018

Credit City of Rochester

Rochester city officials say that there are plans to restore ARTWalk, the outdoor art trail that connects artistic centers and public spaces in NOTA (the Neighborhood of the Arts). The restoration is intended to be a community-wide effort, involving local artists and city youth.

Mayor Lovely Warren and City Council have agreed to contribute up to $75,000 toward ARTWalk over the next two years, with the money coming from unspent funds from prior years.

Doug Rice, one of the founders of ARTWalk, says the trail, which runs along University Avenue from the Memorial Art Gallery to the George Eastman Museum, needs work after the wear and tear from the elements over the years.

Rice says that, “ARTWalk is excited to be working in partnership with the City of Rochester again. Our mission is to build and strengthen community, using arts as a vehicle.”

Plans are to repaint most of the ARTWalk’s existing features and restore others that have been removed.

Children and others in the community will be invited to help decorate different light poles along the route.

Local artist Shawn Dunwoody created a new sidewalk painting outside 670 University Ave. to mark the launch of the restoration project.

Dunwoody says that, “The spirit of ARTWalk plays a central role for community engagement, especially for our youth.”