Rochester voters agree: primary turn out is important

Sep 12, 2017

Credit freeimages.com/Kristen Price

Voters have been out for a couple hours now voting in a number of primaries, most notably the democratic candidates for Mayor of Rochester.

As voters trickled in just after noon Tuesday when stations opened, many at the North Winton Road location agreed that primaries are important to the electoral process.

Margaret Richter said that change starts small, and too many people blow off this first part of the process.

"Guess what, all government starts at the local level, and if you don’t get involved at the local level you might as well forget the whole thing."

Andrea Fedoruk agreed saying progress starts with these local elections.

"When you have good quality people at the local level, perhaps they'll move on and take care of some of the larger issues of the state and the country."

Fedoruk says she’s looking for a mayor with integrity.

Democratic County Elections Commissioner Tom Ferrarese said in 2013, the last election year for Mayor, just over 22% of registered voters voted.

Michael Maher said his priorities lie with a candidate who invests in young people, public transit, and the arts.

"It’s not hard for us to be an Austin, It’s not hard for us to be a Portland. I’ve been to those cities and I like Rochester because it has so much arts and culture and it's so small."

Brendan Pistilli is also looking for a mayor with a focus on a younger generation. He mentioned he's just now getting into politics after watching the presidential election process last year.

Polling stations are open until 9pm Tuesday evening.