Rochester suspends fees at city garages and parking meters

Mar 20, 2020

Credit James Brown WXXI

The City of Rochester will be suspending  hourly and monthly permit fees for parking garages as well as fees at parking meters because of the coronavirus pandemic.

City Hall officials say to help residents working from home, the city has suspended the hourly and monthly permit fees at the following city-owned parking garages:

• Court Street Parking Garage, 194 Court St.;
• East End Garage, 475 E. Main St.;
• Genesee Crossroads Garage, 69 Andrews St.;
• High Falls Garage, 240 State St.;
• Mortimer Street Garage, 25 N. Clinton Ave.;
• Sister Cities Garage, 28 N.  Fitzhugh St.;
• South Avenue Garage, 39 Stone St.;
• Washington Square Garage, 111 Woodbury Blvd.;

In addition, the City has suspended fees at parking meters to limit the potential of spread of COVID-19.

“While residents are working from home, we don’t want to have to pay for a monthly permit they are not using. In addition, we are suspending meter collection to enhance social distancing and limit the spread of COVID-19,” said Communications Director Justin Roj.

City officials also reiterated the need for alternative parking regulations to be followed to ensure access for public safety vehicles and snow plows.