Rochester releases COVID-19 preparedness plan

Dec 7, 2020

Credit cityofrochester.gov

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is launching a COVID-19 preparedness plan.

The plan is available on the city’s website, and is designed to help families prepare in the event someone in their household were to become ill with coronavirus.

In addition to the website, 10,000 printed copies of the plan are being made available at the asymptomatic testing sites in the city, cmeal distribution sites at city R-Centers, city schools, and some local businesses.

The city is working with its government and community partners to expand the number of locations where the plan will be available.

The COVID Preparedness Plan asks families to review and answer questions in four key areas including prevention, information about isolation and quarantining, who their support persons are and financial resources.

The goal of the preparedness plan is to ensure any infected family members receive proper treatment and not spread the virus within their home or outside it.