Rochester Music Fest Returns For 11th Year

Rochester, NY – Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson was on hand as the lineup was announced for the 11th annual MusicFest at Genesee Valley Park. The mayor calls the event important, and Johnson hopes the event he started will continue after he steps down in January.

Mayor Johnson says MusicFest has become recognized as one of the leading R&B music festivals in the northeast. He says it's one of the highlights of a busy festival season in Rochester.

In order to do so, Johnson says it will need to receive a financial committment from both the public and private sector. He says an outspouring of support from the festival's customers is also needed to maintain the event.

He hopes his successor in office will also see it as an event that is worthy of maintaining.

Faith Evans, John Legend and the group Boyz II Men highlight this year's festival July 16th and 17th.

Dan Mannix is president of LeadDog Marketing Group, which is producing the event in conjunction with the city and the Parks Department. He says this year's festival picks up from where last year's MusicFest left off. He calls it the best lineup in the MusicFest so far.

Mannix says the MusicFest will offer group tour packages which combines the festival with a tour of the Underground Railroad. He says his group is also working with promoters in Toronto for a companion concert in Canada prior to the event here in Rochester.