Rochester mayoral race gets its 1st Republican this year

Apr 17, 2017

There is another candidate running for Rochester Mayor this year.  He is the only Republican in the race, Monroe County Legislator Tony Micciche. 

Micchiche had also run a write-in campaign for mayor in 2009, and it’s his contention that there haven’t been enough improvements since that time.

“Here we are, poverty’s going up, the graduation rate is stagnant or going down, businesses are fleeing, the state of New York in the past six years lost 857,000."

Micchiche is running as a Republican in a city which is heavily Democratic in terms of party registration.

Among the issues Micchiche is pushing for, is trying to put the city aid for the school district in escrow until substantial improvements are made, and also pushing back against the idea that Rochester should be a sanctuary city. He also wants to reduce burdensome regulations.

The mayoral race also features the incumbent, Lovely Warren, as well as Democratic candidates James Sheppard and Rachel Barnhart, Alex White of the Green Party, and independent candidate Lori Thomas.