Rochester makes a list of top travel destinations in 2020

Dec 2, 2019

Credit WXXI file

What do Rochester, Los Angeles, Orlando and Washington D.C. have in common?  They are all on the list of the 9 best cities in America to visit in 2020.

The list was put together by Smarter Travel, which Don Jeffries of the local tourism group Visit Rochester said is a well-read magazine in the travel industry. The article references new growth and revitalization in Rochester, as well as special events next year such as the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote and the 200th birthday of Susan B. Anthony.

Jeffries said this article will help entice travel groups and meeting planners thinking of planning their conventions as well as other visitors.

“What happens is, you get a great buzz and this will be all over social media that we made one of the top cities in the country to visit for vacation this year, and that’s where the real help is; a lot of people read that and a lot of people like to travel, but the social media implications are really terrific,” Jeffries said.

Jeffries also said that Rochester has something that should attract people who plan conventions and meetings, a lower cost to do business.

“If the meeting planners are looking at this, and you look at Honolulu, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, how expensive it is to have a meeting there. Then they look at Rochester, and go, ‘Wow, I can do it for half-price in Rochester,’ ” Jeffries said.

The travel magazine article also notes Rochester's High Falls, the Lake Ontario shoreline, hiking and biking trails and a number of museums.