Rochester family has a mission: 'We're trying to spread kindness'

Apr 12, 2021

Tim Hickey with his grandsons, Robert, Noah and Eli Totaro and Eddie Hickey.
Credit Beth Adams/WXXI News

A couple of years ago, when Tim Hickey had temporary custody of his three young grandsons, they talked about problems facing the world and how individual people can make a difference.

He remembers one particular night in the living room of his Rochester home.

"I'll never forget the conversation," Hickey said. "We came up with respect and kindness as being the two things we thought were most important and it kind of evolved from there."

For the past two years, Hickey and Robert, 12, Eli, 9, and 6-year-old Noah Totaro have been attaching stickers imprinted with a logo they had designed around the words "respect and be kind" on everything from utility poles to playground slides. They leave stacks of them for people to find at coffee houses and grocery stores.

"I've gotten asked a few times what it means," said Robert. "Basically, we're trying spread kindness. Maybe getting someone food, or a homeless person, or anything really that's remotely close to helping someone."

But Hickey has a bigger plan, too. Click on the LISTEN link above to hear the rest of the story.

Learn more about the family's Respect and Be Kind project at www.respectandbekind.com or on Instagram @RespectandbeKind.